Jesus is so much more than a good man, moral teacher or prophet – He is the Son of God, the one who came from heaven to earth, laying aside his divine nature, to live a perfect life here on earth. After thirty odd years, Jesus was arrested, beaten and ultimately crucified on a cross as an innocent man.

But this was no ordinary death – as a perfect man, Jesus laid down his life out of love for us, taking all the effects of sin upon himself (everything we deserved for not upholding God’s perfect law) and paid the price that we should’ve paid. Not only that, but on the third day after his death, Jesus rose from the grave miraculously and victoriously.

His work was finished, the debt was paid and a new way of life was now available to everyone who calls on His Name. They are saved from the penalty of sin and instead receive all that Jesus deserved as a perfect man, including living eternally with God.

Jesus made a way for a NEW COVENANT, a new way to relate to a God without fear of judgement but in confidence that Jesus paid the penalty that we deserved. Through faith in Him, we also become a NEW CREATION. We receive Jesus’ perfect sinless record and His spirit that is full of resurrection life!

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    Are you a new Christian or new to Kingdom Life?
    Here are some steps to help you go deeper in all that Jesus has for you.