Kingdom Life is located in the southern region of Adelaide. It was planted in July 2012 by the visionary elders/pastors, Darren and Rebecca Prosser. After a month and a half of meeting in a home, they were able to move to Warradale Primary School, with the official celebration launch being held on Sunday the 26th of August, 2012.

Three years later, Kingdom Life had fully outgrown that venue and following God’s direction, they secured a new, larger venue to call home. Kingdom Life continued to expand as they strive to remain eternally focussed and keeping Jesus at the center.

In 2019, God began to speak again to the church about moving location through the leadership, the NCMI team and various others. Later that year, an opportunity opened up and the church began meeting at Emmaus Christian College (7 Lynton Ave, Plympton Park).


Walking in partnership with New Covenant Ministries International

We believe God has called us to walk in relationship with NCMI (a translocal ministry team) to help us to achieve this, along with other recognised translocal ministries and friendships that God reveals to us.



Darren and Bec both grew up in Adelaide, Australia. They met in 1994 through the youth at their local church and became involved in various areas of church life but found a passion together for ministering to children and youth. In 1996, they married and now have three amazing kids, Alannah, Emma and Luke.

After serving as pastors/elders for 12 years, God lead them into full-time translocal ministry with the New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) team. During this time, God lead them to relocate to Victoria Canada to work for a season with a local church called Trinity Christian Centre. In late 2011, they returned to Adelaide, after numerous prophetic words and the prompting of God, where they felt the call to plant a church in the southern region of Adelaide. Hence Kingdom Life was birthed.

Darren and Bec, along with Kingdom Life, have a heart to work with friends and other church leaders to build the local church across the world. One of their greatest desires is to see every believer walk into the fullness of what God has for them. They love passionate, free worship, the word of God teaching people how to live, and ministering to all generations and cultures, especially helping to families to live.

They believe the greatest call of God is to know God in a real personal relationship through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit and then to go in that authority and impact peoples lives and the nations of the world! Their relaxed and practical approach to ministry has been helpful in reaching people across all generations and cultures.