For a child to attend any Kingdom Life Youth event, Parents and/or Guardians must agree to the following Permission and Safety Policy of Kingdom Life.

Parent/s & Guardian/s acknowledge that some activities conducted may at times be hazardous and that my child participates at his/her own risk. I understand that Kingdom Life will provide a reasonable duty of care; taking reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for my child and to ensure that all equipment supplied by the church for the activity is of a reasonable standard.

Parent/s & Guardian/s acknowledge that Kingdom Life will not be held liable for any injury that may be suffered by my child which arises either directly or indirectly from, or in connection with the transport to & participation in the activity being held.

Parent/s & Guardian/s hereby agree to indemnify Kingdom Life against any and all claims arising from, or in connection with any injury that may be suffered by my child, or that my child may cause to another person. In addition, I indemnify Kingdom Life against any loss or damage to property, equipment or personal effects belonging to my child, or any other person arising either directly or indirectly from or in connection with the activity being held.

Parent/s & Guardian/s agree that Kingdom Life may authorise on my and my child’s behalf whatever medical treatment he/she may require. This includes, but is not limited to, ambulance attendance and hospital treatment. I agree to pay all medical expenses that my child may incur.

Kingdom Life will endeavour to ensure that Parent/s, Guardian/s & child are given details in advance of events being held off-site or in conjunction with other youth ministries through promotional flyers & social media updates.   However Parent/s & Guardian/s agree that it is their own responsibility to be aware of the location & travel that may be associated with these events.

Parent/s & Guardian/s agree that photographs of activities that may include my child, might appear on the church website, Facebook page, or in other church media.

Download the permission form on the button below, sign and hand to one of our Youth Leaders.