We hope you enjoy our services knowing your child is in a safe and comfortable environment for their age and ability with background-checked leaders and volunteers.

All children are encouraged to attend the main gathering time of the service with their families and are then released to our Kingdom Kids program.  Our friendly teachers will gather your children and take them down to Level 1 where you can collect them immediately after the service ends.  Children above Year 7 are encouraged to participate in the main meeting.


We operate a secure check-in service where you’ll receive an ID tag for your child and another for the parent/guardian checking the child in. You’ll need to hold onto your “Parent Pass” and bring it back with you to collect your child at the end of the service.  Our Kingdom Kids Team will check the passes before releasing your child.

Please let us know if there are any allergies or other medical conditions we need to be aware of. This information will also be listed on the child’s check-in ID tag.

Our program offers lots of variety & activities to entertain, energise, teach & grow our children. We are delighted to have a number of our “dads” also on our Kingdom Kids Team which the kids love.

school age kids

Kingdom Kids

Our Kingdom Kids program for all ‘school age’ children from Reception to Year 7

Kindy Kids

Our Kindy Kids room is for children aged 3-4 years


Our creche room is available for babies & toddlers ranging from 0-2 years

Our children are valuable to us!

We consider it a high priority for us to ensure their well-being and encourage them to reach their potential in every area of life!